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Создание и запуск рекламных компаний в Google Yandex Instagram Facebook.


Продвижение в поисковых системах, партизанский марткетинг

О нас

За 5 лет работы мы создали более 50 проектов которые привлекают клиентов. Настроили более 20 рекламных компаний и привлекаем более 100 клиентов нашим партнерам при помощью интернета ежемесячно Узнайте подробнее

Наши работы

Последние созданные проекты

Masonry Grid

WooCommerce Shop

Side Menu Layout

Centered Menu

Shop + Blog Grid

Column Grid

Visual content builder

Using the bundled content composer, you can create unlimited page layouts from a variety of pre-made blocks, such as text, images, videos, galleries, sliders, widgets and many other parts.

Unlimited color combinations

You can customize every single element of the website by setting any color from the theme’s Options panel. No more color schemes – create unique color combinations that fit your needs.

e-Commerce features

Install the free WooCommerce plugin and start selling on your website right away – the Bento theme is fully compatible with this widely used WordPress ecommerce system out-of-the-box.

Flexible page templates

Apart from the classic pages, you can create cool grid layouts with Bento, including masonry, row-aligned and column-aligned grids. Check out the “Templates” menu section above for more details.

One-page functionality included

If you want to present all information on a single page, you can configure the menu items to scroll to a specific location within the same page rather than loading new pages when visitors navigate.

Load posts on same page

Any page, including the native WP blog, can be configured to display additional posts/products without reloading, which can help improve user experience by reducing wait times and reloads.

Wide and boxed layout

The theme provides an option to switch from the default wide layout to a boxed one, whereby the content area has a fixed (and adjustable) width, with colored background showing on both sides.


Bento can be easily used with any localization or multilingual plugin out of the box since all fixed text strings inside the theme have been properly wrapped into WordPress translation functions.

Regular updates and fixes

We are constantly working to make Bento even better – more diverse, feature-rich, and easy to use. Your feedback matters, and we appreciate every single bug report and/or feature request.

Dozens of useful goodies:


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